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Twin Solar PowerDo you want lower R & D costs?

Miura Sensor Laboratory, Inc. is a research and development company that can work for developing sensing equipment for your needs. 

Our specialties are:

  • Application measurement equipment including o/e conversion devices, frequency conversion devices and X-ray device.
  • Optical fiber and laser application device.
  • The sensing of sight, listening, taste, touch and smell.
  • Physics and chemistry machine; machine tool and gas application product.

Do you want your business to expand without spending large R&D costs?

We are looking for business partner who has strong sales and manufacturing capability. We develop product, we want you to gain new revenue from this.

We are currently looking for business collaboration with our new products Denbee X and Xa. This product has received Best Product Development Award from Japanese Government. See below:

Non-contact detecting device for hazardous elements

Safety is very important for both consumers and product sellers.  Occurrences of contaminated products have been revealed in the market and have harmed people, e.g. lead found in the paint of children’s toys, etc.  Sometimes sellers are not aware that these products are contaminated and as a result harm their consumers.  They may face huge recalls, lawsuits and bankruptcy.  It is important for us to avoid these problems for both consumers and companies. 
However, testing devices for harmful elements are expensive to use.  Thus, Miura Sensor Laboratory, Inc. has developed Denbee, an easy, low cost solution for this demand.  Denbee can be used anyplace (e.g. retailer, small company) and is compact, user friendly and is affordably priced. 


Denbee Base Model X & Xa


    Twin Solar Power
  • Detects harmful elements such as cadmium, arsenic, mercury, lead.
  • Measurement position area can be selected by camera image.
  • Product sample surface of each element is examined by mapping flourescent X-rays.
  • Detects foreign material in product sample.


  • Harmful elements of product sample will be displayed by PPM.
  • It can easily examine product samples and satisfy standard regulations, e.g. ASTM F963, EN71 and RoHS.
  • No liquid nitrogen cooling is needed (high purity Si, electronic cooling).
  • Starts to measure within 30 seconds. (Each measurement 10 to 30 sec)
  • Minimum space required.


  • Safety inspection for toys, cell phone, electronics products, cosmetics, accessories, pottery, supplements, construction materials, etc.
  • Measurement of elemental content of food
  • Defective investigations analysis, foreign material analysis, etc.

Do you want to educate children to help reduce global warming?

We have developed a new product, Solar Twinsarus. This educational model teaches children solar power generation system. This model generates power from two sources: infrared and visible light. Visual light (solar battery) is commonly used but this model also has infrared ray to create power. This educational project helps reduce carbon emissions and reduces global warming. A better way is needed to decrease oil use for the future.

Sales for this product started Feb. 2009 in Japan. Since then, over 1,000 have been sold. Elementary schools to universities have bought this product for educational purposes. 70% of purchasers have donated to schools, e.g. Rotary, Lions Club, Kiwanis and other charitable organizations. The other 30% has come directly from school’s budget.

It is very important to create green energy. From this principal educational model, children will be able to learn and be excited to take part in our future green development.

Twin Solar Power

Solar Twinsarus is a children’s educational miniature model for teaching solar power generation; a new eco teaching model. It demonstrates two sources of solar power, Infrared and Visible Light, developed by JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency).

►What is the Twin Solar Power Generation?

The twin solar power generation is a power generating system that efficiently uses the sunlight that JAXA (patent pending) invented. In the past, infrared was not being effectively used for solar power generation. This concept is presently being set up in Inner Mongolia where there is good sunlight and continuous research for actual use. Solar Twinsarus is a teaching model using the principle of sunlight combined with cycle power generation system. Solar Twinsarus can provide children solar energy power experience. And children can learn the power generation from sunlight and heat.

Twin Solar Power

►Principle of sunlight heat combined cycle power generation system

Twin Solar PowerThe sunlight collected by the lens is separated to "Infrared" which has long wavelength and "Visible light" which has short wavelength. Then electricity is generated by using an independent power generation module. (See right fig.) A separate motor is moved by electricity generated by solar battery and the thermoelectric device by Twinsarus.

Will not work with indoor lighting or on a cloudy day.

Twin Solar Power

This device is made by two special metallic boards fused together When the temperature fluctuates on each surface, electricity is generated.

The filter is made of plastic, half mirror film specification. The visible light (short wavelength) reflects to this filter and the infrared rays light (long wavelength) penetrates to this filter.

Power Generation Output (at blue sky and approx. 60˚ of the sun from horizontal plane).

  Max Output Open-Circuit Voltage Short-Circuit Voltage
Visible Light Power Generation (solar battery output) 220mW 2.8V 124mA
Infrared Power Generation (thermoelectric conversion device output) 7.1mW 0.41V 69mA

Size and weight

Power Generation Case   196mm(W) x 160mm (D)x 249mm (H) 410g
Motor Mount Unit             140mm(W) x 90mm (D) x 70mm (H) 130g

The power generation experiment

By Sunlight By Temperature Difference
Twin Solar Power Twin Solar Power

The experiment to which electricity is generated by using visible sunlight and energy of sun’s heat can be done. The solar battery and thermoelectric conversion device generate electricity when taking it under the sun on a bright day making the two motors turn.

The experiment in which electricity is generated by heat can be done easily. The motor of thermoelectric conversion device begins to turn when hot or ice water is put in the mug (included in the product) and put on the optical board.

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